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Housing cooperative in Plovdiv

February 16, 2023

The residential building is located in the heart of the city of Plovdiv. With their clean design, these metal railings are an elegant finish to her look. The material is 12x12 /smooth/ with "knobs" to break the line. The color is the classic one for wrought iron - matte black.

0-02-05-3eae1a2e379089bd8acdc67dad338dca629b5eb74441920951b8c58f36b424cd_a6ca40d9960fb58f0-02-05-07cdbaf4c602403e13ec0526c17a1de738d30ee9052937e73a6db275f1b8f005_96ee063d0b623ed60-02-05-33a526becef308214fa4e6e0d0175bb6945f2da517108e2e57207b9f115cbb39_2fb3f2fcc432e24f0-02-05-9cec060fcf0070fb8688207477046385f8e78db9dd6e338e64eb19aa677688bd_85bea2ad61ec7717 0-02-05-9d3e18fdaa6c6dce8ca6d6cce82379569aff70b0261ef5ca19d29578c5dacf3f_ba044dd914134c17 0-02-05-9f5d5cefadb405c6d1d11b053a0689c0514a87714db4918040b722475e0b3697_bde32f611dad0a8 0-02-05-51d0e9bab7eade67eb430e07d4087255d4c1c2c3968b16a8dc5a3fb87238d903_15f1fc890322eab9 0-02-05-56a56cc468ef9d63eb7def30f8feef739a2397dcd51e00eb4703f8fed346db94_3905547ec9bc904d 0-02-05-60c8b415432299f7ac7c0efa3dc9de016b594d91eb427f772d36e9c7f6f2ef0a_b0fc69274c88fba7 0-02-05-09120e5f83fdc05f09ffc1925e36d37a6f70e47d3095ba283eae4832b49d4158_16491c7547f65e120-02-05-767511c532c78cf3143185f637180641b5ffab199269ecb8363a06db69eae536_5027b58e7792cff40-02-05-c5956836389779b6c76e9831019b560916a76efe619c50969679293b08084e6e_446f2e6c1d61edb3 0-02-05-d36e853891f403375a76be2fd78ad2b9b81b66c8f71a7b8f4fc92440df631e19_bf070a21379f3499 0-02-05-e43bd922bbe66c10be0e2845d3b4ecc0f092caf92112831ccd9cb083cb82d562_87f17a57ba60de8 0-02-05-ef6f11a06a9d066e34d7705e8695eedad9d418a5e888cd2dcedeb36883cd2877_8082a6d05f208e60 0-02-05-fa5c1e023500fbcfb9654b4b861c0a41c6e044ca7525a7df5b86ff82c33433f2_62052a09ef4f6f82

Wrought iron for Serbia

June 24, 2022

Serbia - one of the memorable sites for us. Our unique customers will remain forever in our hearts for their kindness and hospitality. The site needed fencing, gates, railings and a wrought iron shed. A rolled material was chosen which stands out even more when aged with a copper patina. A few photos of the process of making them:

20220512_111705 20220512_111729 20220512_111738 20220524_075159

And some photos after the installation is complete:

20220526_164309 20220526_164326 20220526_164345 20220526_164353 20220526_164500 20220526_164505 20220526_164518 20220526_164524 20220526_164531 20220526_164616 20220526_164752 20220526_164758

Article about wrought iron beds in the online magazine

March 18, 2021леглото-от-ковано-желязо-уникално-и-неповторимо-news3927.html

Wrought iron charms from Ruse

March 12, 2021

We present to your attention an object challenge. The magnificent house is located in the beautiful nature near the city of Ruse. Here we combined the classics in wrought iron /in the interior stair railing, in the exterior balcony railings and the ethereal fence/ with modernism /in the laser-cut doors and air conditioner grille, with floral motifs/.

A few photos of the work process of installing wrought iron balcony railings and floral elements:

122-24512 11 10 8 7 6 9

More photos of the fence and sliding door installation:

1312-213-217 16 15 1418

The beautiful doors made of laser-cut sheet metal, as well as the grille for air conditioners in the same design /project and realization/:

1920 2121-222-2 2223-224

Iiii The cherry on the cake - the jeweled inner wrought iron railing combined with floral elements /projects and implementation/ :

293234 3337 36 3540

Calendar for 2021

February 11, 2021

Ofrinio - a piece of paradise

September 28, 2020

The lovely owners of some neat maisonettes in the Greek resort town of Ofrinio commissioned us to design and implement the interior metal stairs as well as the wrought iron balcony railings. The style is clean, completely Mediterranean, and therefore the color of the wrought iron is white, with a silver patina. The wooden steps of the stairs are made of oak and are varnished with a wear-resistant coating. Some pictures of the work process:

20200618_124803 20200620_094037 20200620_094046 20200620_094058 20200620_094101 20200620_094107 20200620_09411820200618_124345 20200618_124443 20200618_12444920200620_094207 20200616_073611 20200620_094022 20200620_094025 20200620_094150 20200620_094200

A few weeks later, the end result is impressive: a cozy and sunny place to rest!

109583906_187441292805179_8452503154264202194_o 110294094_187442136138428_7032518524719621780_o 110298778_187441482805160_3520935696012976915_o110310268_187441662805142_7867015094395902521_o110320108_187441746138467_608531901675047437_o110315098_187441592805149_8461382275415249551_o110568203_187442199471755_1956020660117991142_o110785742_187442022805106_2220891118256162448_o117600400_195790345303607_231470704147687281_o114293270_187441859471789_2528686021463419442_o110902590_187441449471830_7589802225718149548_o110301337_187442379471737_6114131373098446823_o 110312326_187442319471743_6940433231513406975_o110603545_187442302805078_4988677666400507647_o 114413753_187442352805073_4287492532791396592_o 115356619_187441782805130_5918046384627423304_o


October 8, 2019

The clients came to us with a ready-made project - visualization for fencing the front part of the yard, of a large metropolitan complex of single-family houses. After additional projects, cleaning and refinement of the individual wrought iron details, the concept of the exact model was realized, as well as the color change from black to white. Based on these projects, we made wrought iron fence panels, a pedestrian gate and a large double-winged gate. The highlight is the two voluminous "scarlet" flowers, which contrast beautifully with the white, hand-forged lace on the large door.

2 3 4 15-3 (Copy) 16-3 (Copy)hdrpl hdrpl hdrpl qrf qrf qrf hdrpl hdrpl qrfrhdr rhdr rhdr qrfrhdr rhdr rhdr rhdr rhdr rhdr IMG_20190927_095512 IMG_20190927_095518 IMG_20190927_095528 IMG_20190927_095537 IMG_20190927_095554 IMG_20190927_095604 IMG_20190927_095948 IMG_20190927_095957 IMG_20190927_100011 IMG_20190927_100026 IMG_20190927_100041 IMG_20190927_100059 IMG_20190927_100108 IMG_20190927_100113 IMG_20190927_100220IMG_20190927_122934

Wrought iron additions

September 3, 2019

The clients approached us to design and fabricate some wrought iron additions to their lovely house in Sofia. For the outside, they needed a couple of wrought iron sheds and a door and grill in the same style. And for the inside from: wrought iron decorations for the radiators, a wood-type panel to decorate a wooden section and a wrought iron stool for the hall. The following are photos of the construction, installation and the finished exterior:

hdrpl hdrpl hdrplIMG_20190808_114958 IMG_20190808_114956IMG_20190808_134043 IMG_20190808_134054 IMG_20190808_134107 IMG_20190808_134216 IMG_20190808_134224IMG_20190808_104535 IMG_20190808_104549 IMG_20190808_104609IMG_20190808_110317 IMG_20190808_110335IMG_20190808_110512 IMG_20190808_110518 IMG_20190808_111337

And these are photos of the wrought iron decorations in the interior:

IMG_20190808_111231 IMG_20190808_111242 IMG_20190808_111248IMG_20190808_110131

Wrought iron railings

August 13, 2019

We bring to your attention a neat residential building, the appearance of which was completed by wrought iron railings. The terraces are designed with straight sticks with maces and gorgeous forged elements. The low railings are designed as a frieze with a detail borrowed from the high railings and a row of circles. Here are some photos of the work process of forging, assembling and installing the wrought iron railings:

hdrplrhdr hdrpl hdrpl rhdr hdrpl hdrplrhdr rhdrfznor fznor rhdr rhdr qrf rhdr rhdr


June 25, 2019

We show you again the work process of making, transporting and installing a wrought iron railing in the town of Pernik. Customers chose the classic outwardly bulging stick, the so-called "tumbak" and kidney frieze. This type of wrought iron railings create an illusion of volume on balconies and are a wonderful solution for this type of residential building. The wrought iron is in its classic black color and is aged with a copper patina.

rhdr rhdr qrf rhdr rhdr rhdr rhdr rhdr rhdr fznor qrf fznor

Some (un)possible wrought iron sheds

December 19, 2018

The initial task of inventing and making wrought iron sheds in front of the entrance of a house and a garage in a suburb of the capital seemed to us difficult to achieve and almost impossible. The difficulty came from the fact that the two sheds had to fit together in form and form a single shed that at the same time had good drainage, could withstand snow, wind, etc. After much thought and design, the idea was arrived at to make two gabled roofs, connected to each other with u-shaped brackets and a gutter for the drainage in the middle. We borrowed the forged elements on the trusses and friezes from details of the existing doors and fence. The assembly process of wrought iron sheds was also not an easy task, as evidenced by some of the following photos:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 10 12 13 1417 18 19 21 23

The end result: A shed made of wrought iron, with hand-forged elements in black. The aging is a copper patina and the finish is a solid polycarbonate bronze that perfectly imitates glass.


October 11, 2018

On October 5th, 2018, we officially opened our new wrought iron office located on Orion

/бул.Европа №5/.

Come by if you need a consultation, want to place an order or simply browse our wrought iron catalogs, which are rich in photo material, as well as see samples of tables, chairs, loveseats, hangers, lanterns, candlesticks, etc. .n.

Our working hours are:

From Monday to Friday - from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

Saturday - from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m

Sunday - rest day.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910

Kyustendil charms

July 25, 2018

This cute house is located in a picturesque village just before the town of Kyustendil. The family originally sent us an inquiry about an interior sliding door... It fell through, but in its place they loved it and trusted us with the house's hand-forged railings, a wrought-iron canopy over the entrance, and a lovely wrought-iron bedroom iron.

cof cof cof cofcof sdr dav cof cof sdr sdr dav

cof rhdr cofrhdr

A sequel is coming soon: we will be adding doors and fencing to match the design of the railings and shed.

8.11.2018 - photos from the promised continuation of the site: We made and installed fence panels, a sliding, double-leaf and pedestrian door.

cof cof cof 5 6 rhdr rhdr cof cof rhdr cof cof cof cof cof cof

The end result is fully coordinated wrought iron doors, wrought iron fences, wrought iron railings and wrought iron sheds. In the interior, too, the owners added a lot of wrought iron details: the bedroom, fireplace accessories, etc.

Tales from 1001 nights

March 15, 2018

This is a truly rare order of wrought iron railings for a housing cooperative located in our capital city. The investors chose to have several models so that the vision of the building could be broken up. These unique wrought iron railings complemented and beautified the stylish and perfectly constructed building. And really, you can't walk past it without being impressed by the wonderful railings and other wrought iron details.

image-0-02-05-500ba18d1f019328b0d93221391a3045244c9356237deefe4bdf9b62cca2b679-V image-0-02-05-f1d3787d4fefdc4a47696d0c3e3063346ab081395a709bf5362e97f9f750b898-VDSC_0122 DSC_0123 DSC_0124 DSC_0126 DSC_0130 DSC_0132 DSC_0133 DSC_0134 DSC_0137 DSC_0138 DSC_0140 DSC_0141 DSC_0144 DSC_0146

Practicality and beauty of wrought iron

December 12, 2017

This wonderful and huge terrace is an important part of our client's apartment. It is located in the center of Sofia and is one of the main reasons why they bought this apartment. Both the entire apartment and the terrace were completely renovated. Our task was to cover the terrace with two sheds of wrought iron, so that there was also a "sunny part" of it. These are pictures of the object we welded when taking the dimensions, as well as some of the designs of the sheds and decorative wrought iron panels:

1 2 3 4

All the details are hand-forged, and on the outside of both sheds, we made decorative panels - flower beds. Their idea was to separate the terrace from the prying eyes of the neighbors and create additional coziness by placing small flower pots.

5 68 9 10 11 12 13

To cover the sheds, the customers chose canvas. The so-called ship's sail is all-season - it keeps out snow or rain in winter and is a great sun protection during hot summer days.

14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Style above all else!

December 7, 2017

We present to you the newly built cooperative, from a well-known builder who has already become our regular client. It was our responsibility, of course, to put the finishing touches on the building, namely the wrought iron railings. The design is clean, classic to suit the overall look and style of the co-op. The uprights are made from a smooth 12x12 square, with a club in the middle, and the kidneys are from a 12x6 rail. On top, the railing is finished with a metal semi-circular handrail. The paint is matte black and the patina is copper.

WP_20170801_003WP_20171113_001 WP_20171113_003 WP_20171113_004 WP_20171113_005 WP_20171113_006 WP_20171113_007 WP_20171113_008 WP_20171113_009 WP_20171113_010

A summer oasis in the center of Sofia

July 11, 2017

This is the garden of a family hotel in the center of the capital. After several ideas and projects, the owner of the hotel decided to make a classic summer garden, which he furnished with neat tents and wrought iron furniture. The following photos are of the work process for the fabrication of the wrought iron tents in the workshop and on site:

1 2 3IMG-a5093d7e48dc5a0774687e5d4b32c8b0-V

DSC_0014 DSC_0024 DSC_0029 DSC_0035

Little by little the garden began to take shape:

DSC_0588 DSC_0036 DSC_0587

And already with the placed canvases, ethereal curtains and cushions on the furniture, the garden takes on a completely finished, cozy and welcoming look.

image-0-02-05-cb5055797b5460e33769f811b8ab14076d9184a16d88515dc196be15560f4024-V image-0-02-05-fe6961201073411902af4403bb21ff96603f4fe24f6005bbae090f8c112fcf4d-V media-share-0-02-04-7f45cc7e00fd36aa82dc7914b66f0937a35114605b1524d7eb0de186ad4f4c41-Picture media-share-0-02-04-81a1de47e68865f6435b2f89258ce606905356ee1a3955dcd75080513ca3535c-Picture media-share-0-02-04-947311006014a0361e45ff693352feaff995cb202358fe578a70f7a699bad176-Picture media-share-0-02-04-a6f83f6668f8cd4c68530428e02bc5ce1c733023a5b79a27f0be92d2e30f9194-Picturemedia-share-0-02-04-7050624218781cfc6ef039cc5f04ac1c8b558ca04f040d0859f9fe44b8a43304-Picture image-0-02-04-efb81a14b6fbe7a7b30d02ad1fd35b96878296d25ff49bf4bd203a073e5550dc-V

IMAG0728 IMAG0729 IMAG0730 IMAG0732 IMAG0733 IMAG0734 IMAG0737 image-0-02-04-efb81a14b6fbe7a7b30d02ad1fd35b96878296d25ff49bf4bd203a073e5550dc-V

Vintage Shop Wrought Iron Canopy

April 5, 2017

We made a wrought iron shed for a vintage furniture store to a custom design.

The idea was to be both unique, matching the style of the store and at the same time matching the existing wrought iron railings of the building.

DSC_0459 DSC_0460 DSC_0462DSC_0472 DSC_0476 DSC_0479DSC_0489 DSC_0492

The wrought iron railing that encloses a future garden is also of the same design and repeats the details of the shed frieze.

The paint is matte black and the patina is copper.

The wrought iron canopy is covered with an all-season ecru acrylic canvas.

image-0-02-05-db9c1f8eb43659b27d936bd52d0e58a9cc49ec3af072d860dc3328224f82ecc8-V DSC_0535 image-0-02-05-392dd0b7fdb7e8fac43dae8d16cb0acaebec2f0c2fb15e00c8cce91a99e4cf11-V image-0-02-05-db6bfc856907a4312d84b8ff06825368cd05a4d81ad445c52fc0eddb2ddc1a9c-V

A residential building for example

February 3, 2017

Our client this time is a prominent Bulgarian builder, noted for his excellent architecture and the wonderful execution and attention to every detail of the construction. His desire was a stylish and clean classic wrought iron railing to suit the design of the building itself, located on an elite metropolitan street. They settled on a model with straight rods of solid iron 12x12 with decorative knobs in the middle and with a frieze of circles. The paint is the classic wrought iron matte black and the aging is a copper patina.

Share2015-09-20-f9e4c3e8c2d38f60b4d6cfc63cf53b4cb67ef2d2249c1573a56a63202a551159-Picture DSC_0353 DSC_0356image-afa031c1772f15b81de6daee535b37f67f25c9f49033ac2ae129660cb1fe9cbc-V

After liking the execution and installation of the wrought iron railings, our customers also trusted us for the rest of the wrought iron, namely the doors, the fence, the interior stair railing, as well as the tunnel type fencing for the exterior staircase. We used solid polycarbonate in bronze color for it.

DSC_0210 DSC_0211 DSC_0214DSC_0209

DSC_0204 DSC_0206DSC_0218 DSC_0219

Housing cooperative in Sofia

January 5, 2017

We made the wrought iron railings of this housing cooperative in Sofia according to the project of the investors. The design is a combination of hand-forged details and straight 12x12 bars of solid iron at the bottom of the railing. It ends with a metal handle at the top. The paint is matte black and the patina is copper.

DSC_0057 DSC_0063 DSC_0064 DSC_0065 DSC_0066DSC_0224DSC_0226DSC_0228DSC_0225DSC_0208 (2)DSC_0207 (2)DSC_0210 (2)DSC_0211 (2)DSC_0227

And two drops of….gold

November 15, 2016

For this family house on the outskirts of the capital, we created an internal and external wrought iron railing. The design of the interior railing, as requested by the customers, was a combination of several models: the more popular details "cone" and the hand-forged element in the Art Nouveau style. We painted it matte black and added a gold patina to the details so they stand out from the stacked black straight bars.

CyrilCyril (2)Cyril (8) Cyril (9)

Cyril (3)Cyril (5) Cyril (4)

The wrought-iron outer railing had its predecessor - a wooden, at first glance very massive railing, the maintenance of which cost the owners a lot of effort. So they decided to replace it with the wrought iron one. In order to preserve the massiveness of the previous railing, we filled it with more columns than were necessary for strengthening. Here, too, the paint is matte black, and the patina is gold.

Cyril (11)Cyril (1)Cyril (10)Cyril (6)

Wrought iron in the center of Sofia

October 24, 2016

In the center of the capital, we installed metal doors, fences, railings and wrought iron bars. The model is clean - with straight bars of 12x12 in combination with an extremely elegant element of wrought iron. All items are painted matte black and aged with a copper patina.

DSC_0046DSC_0043 (2)DSC_0050 (2)

DSC_0051 (2) DSC_0061DSC_0052 (2)

DSC_0054 (3)DSC_0046 (2)DSC_0044

To "dress up" the terrace

October 4, 2016

The terrace of a famous capital restaurant needed a new look. The designers found a unique solution, with which they created a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere there. The simple structure was "dressed up" with laser-cut sheet metal panels. The first photos are of their assembly, and the following are of the finished work.


d78f95c218b9f29bcab30ef719d1c5f8795c948fcfeea8b56e72e9f886bcde3c 28475f103b0998f62604d3294d09b1c81c6c1b76102b26a02eaef20072eef422 54e17d443a5938379698bacfa9a585ada190fa776c95ae16aeca2a24b3c4b1e1

An "iron" house in Yambol

June 2, 2016

The tour of the "iron" house starts from the wrought iron door: a light and ethereal door with straight bars, hand-forged elements and a massive center:


A wrought-iron canopy, with hand-forged details and covered in solid bronze-colored polycarbonate, stands proudly above the front door:

6088 6089

And the jewel of the interior staircase - a wrought iron railing with floral motifs:

5242 5243

And the wrought iron railings on the terraces are made entirely of forged material and a central "cone" detail:

5240 5241

Yeeeeeee..... to be continued......


May 16, 2016

Wrought iron bird cages are made of full solid material and the stand is hand forged rail. It has a door and a convenient tray.

DSC_0322DSC_0323DSC_0374 DSC_0375DSC_0324 DSC_0373

Wrought iron polar owl cage

January 2, 2016

Customers came to us with pictures of similar wrought iron cages taken abroad. They wanted a combination of them, so we had to draw up projects to choose the most suitable model for its interesting future owner - a beautiful arctic owl.

These are the wrought iron cage designs:

Variant 3 Variant 2 Variant 1

The wrought iron cage underwent some changes in size and that the customers wanted it to be detachable for transport. Here are some photos of the workflow:

DSC_0186 DSC_0185 DSC_0188

And some photos of the finished wrought iron cage with and without its occupant.

DSC_0164 (2) DSC_0172 (2) image-8a093f792cc9227ef255aa2cfa31a6f9b441c3dc3e3162a16c047e7e3cd8d927-V image-cfefaa96d3c6c3015887f9aca2c3a5b79ac24117104b921e0245172cc7cac801-V

Railing, fence and doors of a stylish house in Simeonovo

November 24, 2015

The first task of the company was to find a suitable model of a metal railing for a really stylish building with a very clean architecture. The clients did not want any unnecessary twists and turns, and the railing to follow the line of the house inconspicuously.

ATM_House Simeonovo_Color of Roller Shuter_Option25224 image-f7e8f115d9d76791115b93b56bfb29259ded687824618b7b003238ec01a58ab9-V

The second task was to enclose the huge yard with a fence and of course wrought iron gates. For them, we decided to break up the massive pattern with two rows of decorative busbar aces. For better protection from rust, before applying the black paint, the entire fence is painted with scurvy. cold galvanizing/.These are two photos of the wrought iron gates and fence work process:

image-df5e094b746f959e0a23fd2fdbfdd7104d8e49c58cece806e378e56845899421-V DSC_0036

And these are the photos of the installation of the doors and the fence:

DSC_0109 DSC_0108 DSC_0106 DSC_0104

Wrought iron canopy and railing ensemble

November 6, 2015

Originally, the homeowners wanted to simply cover the staircase in front of their front door. We made a project of the shed from wrought iron and decided that the "picture" would be much more complete if there was a railing between the columns, again of course from wrought iron. These are the designs of the shed with and without railing:


Again, some photos of the work process and the installation of the shed and the wrought iron railing:

DSC_0113 DSC_0115 DSC_0117DSC_0119

And the finished product with laid polycarbonate:


Openwork doors and fence panels from laser-cut sheet metal

October 5, 2015

Our object this time is a large house with a yard in Simeonovo, which stands out for its cleaner lines. Our clients decided on a more unusual closing of the courtyard, given the style of the house itself. They preferred openwork laser-cut sheet metal to classic wrought iron. The large door is sliding and has a rather large size - 600/200 cm. There is also a small pedestrian door 125/200 cm. These are photos of the work process of assembling the doors and fence panels.

image-359d8a7041a92830a0bfbd5dc07dc621e93c563585a008e8a544a03733f74686-V image-869efc8722b7d841865493dc6c8d35f2def8fb0cad3d757326c2552af5b66d3c-V image-ecb697a55df8393ddb29e6d78f7127d8e87913de7c3ff3473ee791fea8b1327c-V

These are pictures of the final result, after the doors and fence were installed. The paint is matte black, without patina.

DSC_0084 DSC_0086 DSC_0088 DSC_0090 DSC_0091

An (un)ordinary fence

September 28, 2015

Initially, the owners were faced with the refusals of most wrought iron companies to fulfill such an order.Its (un)ordinaryness does not come from the non-standard model, but from the uniqueness of the forms of the concrete fence. Each panel has its own unique shape, which the wrought iron panels repeat. A forged /rolled/ material is used, the paint is black and is "aged" with a silver patina.

DSC_0039 7189 DSC_0046 7188

A railing with the breath of ... Florence

September 3, 2015

Our task this time is to make a seemingly "easy" railing, the model of which was liked by our Customer in the photo. It turned out to be not so easy to do, also due to the fact that the line of the railing follows the elegant cut of the landing. These are two photos of the work process of the production and application of primer and paint, as well as the model on which /with minor changes/ we worked.

stimage-e7674c0494e042c82a54ada0e045b557c861604aec4f30e4f163dcc35cd9dfc1-V (2)image-62f87a819ffe1b4823fd2a2975bfa20e91d10e14c8ad1d8c3c3b1a8c209f2bb2-V

The photos are of the already installed railing. The wrought iron, in addition to the wooden handle, brings style to every corner of the home.
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Elegant wrought iron beauty

August 18, 2015

A little of the work process behind creating this stylish wrought iron railing.

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This is how an ordinary balcony became a work of art.

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The internal stair railing of the house is no less beautiful than the external one. Stylish wrought iron elements alternate with straight rods decorated with delicate knobs.

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The complete change of a shed

April 1, 2015
This is what the shed looked like in the beginning /white, cracked paint, rust and sun burnt polycarbonate/
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This is part of the process of repainting the metal black with a copper patina and replacing the polycarbonate with solid bronze colored polycarbonate
Finally, we added decorative, hand-forged elements to the shed and flower beds
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March 9, 2015




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